Yep. You can really pump with your shirt on.


Freemie Collection Cups

With concealable Freemie Collection Cups, you can pump in public—fully clothed and hands free. Pump while you work, visit with friends, prepare dinner—even while you hold your baby.

Use Freemie with popular pumps.

Freemie Collection Cups come with all Freemie pump sets. If you own a compatible pump, you can purchase the cups separately.



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With Freemie Collection Cups, you

can pump hands free, compatibly.

See how easy it is to pump with your shirt on.







Slide the concealable cups under your top and into your bra.

Connect the cups to a compatible pump.

Work, play, or relax

while you pump.

Remove the cups and

pour the milk into bottles.

Double pump up to 16 oz hands free.

The Freemie Collection Cups Deluxe Set includes two 8-oz concealable collection cups (16-oz capacity total) and two sets of breast funnels (25 mm and 28 mm).

Cup dimensions: 4.4 inches in diameter; 2.75 inches deep

Cup weight (empty): 2.5 ounces each; 5 ounces total

Cup capacity: 8 ounces each; 16 ounces total

Read what moms are saying.

"The Freemie cups are AMAZING. First, they are incredibly easy to use. No set up necessary; just slip them into what you're wearing and that's it! I also found that I was able to collect MORE milk than usual."


"Dear Freemie, As I am writing this I am pumping (at my desk!!!)…  I pump, eat lunch, and grade papers all at the same time. You have given me 30 minutes of life back everyday. THANK YOU!"


"I am a Freemie user and I love your product!! I am a mom to a preemie, NICU graduate and since he was never able to learn to latch I love the freedom the Freemies have given me to be able to provide him breast milk during his first year."



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